5th November 2015

Winter is coming and although we don’t live in a remote area a break down in Snowy London traffic could cause you a potential nightmare. The AA recommend the below in preparation.

  • Antifreeze– check coolant level regularly and, if required, top-up with a mixture of the correct type of antifreeze. Your garage should check concentration to ensure adequate cold temperature protection.
  • Battery– the most common cause of winter breakdowns. A battery more than five years old may struggle in the cold – get it checked and replaced if necessary to avoid the inconvenience of an unplanned failure.
  • Fuel– keep at least a quarter of a tank in case of unexpected delay.
  • Lights– check and clean all lights regularly to make sure you can see and be seen clearly. Carry spare bulbs.
  • Windscreen– reduce dazzle from the low sun by keeping the screen clean inside and out.  Now is a good time to renew worn wiper blades.
  • Screen wash– use a 50% mix of a good quality screen wash to reduce the chance of freezing in frosty weather.
  • Tyres– should have at least 3mm of tread for winter motoring. Consider winter tyres for improved safety. Check pressures at least every fortnight. For tyre prices click here .


Here at HVS we are offering all our customers a free winter health check which covers all of the above and more. Call us on 01895 812727 or email service@hillingdonvehiclespecialists.com

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