6th August 2015

The team at HVS are delighted to announce the completion of our rebrand.

We teamed up with a fantastic brand design agency based in Bath called Hibbert Harwood to look at everything from our internal branding through to our uniforms and website.

The team at HH were amazing and helped us every step of the way as to be completely honest I am much more comfortable fixing cars than I am designing logos or writing blogs.

As part of the process we decided that we wanted all aspects of our business to be focussed on achieving the best possible customer service and one of the key areas our recent survey revealed was the large number of clients at risk of prosecution because their car MOT was out of date.

The recent car tax changes appear to have made matters worse, a large number of our customers told us it was only when searching for the paper work to head down to the Post Office to pick up their tax that they realised their MOT was out of date.

With that in mind we have created a special MOT reminder section on our new website which means that all you have to do is enter your details and we will add it to our database so that you get a reminder before its due to ensure you don’t end getting prosecuted for an administrative oversight.

Please send the link to your friends, enter your details and let HVS do the rest as it’s absolutely free.

We would also welcome any thoughts or feedback on our new website as we are very proud of it but always looking to improve.

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