21st August 2015

New Tyre Supplier


Not everyone is interested in cars and this can sometimes lead to problems, as people don’t have the knowledge base to understand what is going on they could easily miss minor problems which could later prove costly.

This is when the General Tires come into their own as they literally spell it out for you. As the tyre wears down the wording cut into the tread changes from “replacement tyre monitor” to “replace tyre” No more messing around looking for little blocks or checking them with tyre gauges just a simple look will tell you.

They also have the added benefit of a Visual Alignment Indicator or VAI if you will. Put simply this tells you if you are having unnatural wear on your tyre so you know to pop into the garage, have it checked out and see if there is a problem.

On the General Tire’s brand we can also offer an Accidental Damage Warranty, on all of their new tyres which means should you buy your tyres (Only available on the General Tire brand) from us and run into problems whilst the tyre still has all of tread you would be covered for a 100% of the cost (free), so no having to pay out twice in a short space of time. (The cost of the fitting would apply)

If problems arise further down the line the discount on the new tyre works on a sliding scale so if it happens when the tyre is 50% worn you would still get an amazing 50% off the price of your new tyre. (The cost of the fitting would apply)


They are also very competitively priced as well, so should you need a new set of tyres either book online at tyres or call 01895 812727 and just see what we can do it could be worth your while.

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