11th August 2015

The other week I came across an interesting article by  Auto Express and Warrantywise.”  Reviewing the staggering variations in hourly rates garages charged throughout the UK.

“The regional differences between car repair bills amount to a lottery, and can be “offensive”, a UK car magazine has claimed.

The highest hourly rate for repair work was £240 at a garage in Surrey.


After reading the article I sat down with my manager and went through the previous two weeks jobs cards, together we worked out the average time spent on each car including some of the larger engine rebuilds this worked out at approximately 2 hours.

Surrey is some 30 miles away but even so by making that simple journey the customers would have saved on average around £300 per visit.

Ok so that is the worst case scenario but with the average price per hour for the whole of the UK coming in at £84.30 per hour, London as a whole coming in on average £101.60 and North London at £81 it pleased me to see we were very competitive (maybe a little too competitive) at only £70 per hour.

So for all you people in Surrey our postcode is UB10 0PQ might be worth calling first as we could be fully booked

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